I’m already feeling symptoms.  The problem with symptoms is that pregnancy and premenstrual symptoms are the exact same.  I’m two days past ovulation and I can feel the hormones rushing through my chest.  But no rush to judgement this month.  I realize my chances of conception are pretty low since our bd timing was a bit off.  I know there is a small possibility of conception.  So I will keep watching my symptoms and documenting them.  Waiting for af or pregnancy, who knows?  I have decided that if af shows, I’m out of the ttc game until December.


Cycle 2: 1 DPO

So without going to much into detail, hubby wasn’t able to seal the deal.  No baby making juices on ovulation day.  Boo!  However we did bd the two days prior.  There is a chance however a slim one.

I scheduled my annual visit and a talk with the OB-GYN about conception.  Hubby reminded me I was on metformin when I conceived my oldest.  The appointment in scheduled for Weds, August 22.  There is a possibility that I could already be pregnant at this appointment.  But I will only be 7 days past ovulation so it may be too early to find out with a pregnancy test.  So not much to do now except wait…


Having some of the same symptoms as past days, cramps, sore breasts. Also weighed myself 238, not bad still have kept off the weight from my paleo diet at the start of the year.

I also had to go to bed last night before bding because I had a terrible headache. I also had one this afternoon and also slept that one off.

I really feel the same as I have for the last few days. I actually feel like like this before AF is due as well. So it could truely be AF, however I just feel like this month is different. Partly because of the nausea and the stomach cramps.

This morning, J was in the bathroom and I could smell what he was doing and it made me so nauceous. Where as typically it wouldn’t have bothered other than it stinks!


Trying to keep on track of journaling.  Doing very well so far.  In middle and high school I kept elaborate journals full of teenage angst.  I even journaled all through college.  I loved to write. Which is why I majored in journalism.  But then adult life happened.  So between starting a career, gettin married, and having kids writing went out the window.  I havent kept a consistent journal since college.  I’ve been wanting to blog for a few years now but never really got my motivation together.  But with the knowledge that this possibe pregnancy will be my last, I don’t want to forget any details. 

I think if I am positively pregnant, then I will start a pregnancy/family blog (haven’t even tested yet but have decided to start the blog). I can’t remember much about pregnancy with No No I have some good pics andx memories of Jo Jo’s pregnancy. But as time goes by everything gets foggy. I really want to document my last pregnancy and child in a meaningful way that I didn’t the first two times. My memory is terrible and it will be fun to look back on and reminence.

Really no new things to report. I had some dull cramping early this morning (1am or so). And my breasts are still very sore and tender.

I plan to weigh myself tomorrow so I can get a start weight and maybe even a three week pick for the blog.