It’s hard when you want to get pregnant and it doesn’t happen right away.  I’ve been pregnant three times.  My first pregnancy when we decided to TTC I got pregnant the very first month.  However, it ended in a miscarriage.  We waited a year before TTC again, and it took 16 months!  Wow thinking about I really should have sought out help much sooner than I did.  I finally sought help and was put on metformin but unbeknownst to me I was already pregnant, just in my tww.  My third pregnancy was a complete oops!  We weren’t even trying and I became pregnant the first month as well.

I went into this thinking maybe there is a chance it will be quick and easy.  But now I’m not feeling as confident.  Some factors play into that feeling because it has been almost five years since my last pregnancy.  I’m just not as young.

I have decided that I don’t want to have a baby over the summer, so if this isn’t the month, I’m put.  We will take a few months off of TTC and start back up in December.