Could this be it?

Yesterday my period started or so I thought.  But then the flow never really got started.  Stopped at Walmart this morning and picked a two pack of FRER.  The crazy thing is I tested with a Dollar Tree New Choice brand a few days ago and it was negative.  I plan to test in the morning if the flow really doesn’t get started.  We shall see…



I’m already feeling symptoms.  The problem with symptoms is that pregnancy and premenstrual symptoms are the exact same.  I’m two days past ovulation and I can feel the hormones rushing through my chest.  But no rush to judgement this month.  I realize my chances of conception are pretty low since our bd timing was a bit off.  I know there is a small possibility of conception.  So I will keep watching my symptoms and documenting them.  Waiting for af or pregnancy, who knows?  I have decided that if af shows, I’m out of the ttc game until December.

Cycle 2: 1 DPO

So without going to much into detail, hubby wasn’t able to seal the deal.  No baby making juices on ovulation day.  Boo!  However we did bd the two days prior.  There is a chance however a slim one.

I scheduled my annual visit and a talk with the OB-GYN about conception.  Hubby reminded me I was on metformin when I conceived my oldest.  The appointment in scheduled for Weds, August 22.  There is a possibility that I could already be pregnant at this appointment.  But I will only be 7 days past ovulation so it may be too early to find out with a pregnancy test.  So not much to do now except wait…

Cycle 2: Ovulation

I ovulated today!  I felt it.  I always feel ovulation from my right ovary.  Felt it around 3 pm this afternoon.  We bd the last two mornings.  Not yet today but hopefully I can get hubby in the mood tonight while that little egg is still around!  Wish me luck.  The two week wait begins again…


It’s hard when you want to get pregnant and it doesn’t happen right away.  I’ve been pregnant three times.  My first pregnancy when we decided to TTC I got pregnant the very first month.  However, it ended in a miscarriage.  We waited a year before TTC again, and it took 16 months!  Wow thinking about I really should have sought out help much sooner than I did.  I finally sought help and was put on metformin but unbeknownst to me I was already pregnant, just in my tww.  My third pregnancy was a complete oops!  We weren’t even trying and I became pregnant the first month as well.

I went into this thinking maybe there is a chance it will be quick and easy.  But now I’m not feeling as confident.  Some factors play into that feeling because it has been almost five years since my last pregnancy.  I’m just not as young.

I have decided that I don’t want to have a baby over the summer, so if this isn’t the month, I’m put.  We will take a few months off of TTC and start back up in December.

Shouldn’t Even Count

I probably shouldn’t even count this month as trying to conceive.  I have  come down with a UTI.  Yuck!  I am in some serious pain and waiting for the antibiotics to kick in.  So needless to say there hasn’t been any bding going on in these here parts for days and days to come.  Of course this is my fertile week as well.  I may be out of TTC for a while.

Cycle 2: Day 7

There really isn’t much to report here.  Waiting on ovulation.  Mostly I’m just trying to enjoy the last three weeks of summer before heading back to work.  I’ve been school shopping for my son.  We went to the Williamsburg Premium Outlets yesterday.  I found a good deal on some tennis shoes for him.  I’ve mostly been shopping consignment stores and thrift stores for back to school clothes.  Really the last thing I need to do is get underwear and socks and pick up his school supplies.  Which I may wait until next payday to do so.

I’ve also been spending my time, looking for creative ways to decorate my classroom this year.  I used the same decorations two years in a row and I’m ready for a new look. I’m also trying to work out a way to have more centers in my room.  Any cute ideas for the classroom?